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GINGERBREAD WARS | Festive Traditions

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

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Hands down one of the funniest and lighthearted competitions we’ve ever done as a family is "Gingerbread Wars”. It’s a fairly new tradition that we began in 2020 and each year we add a new category to vote on. This also gives everyone involved a chance to win a TITLE of the following:

•1st Place Gingerbread House

•Most Cozy

•Most Unique

•Most Festive

•Most Funny (looking)

•Eviction Notice

The youngest of our group last year proudly took the Eviction notice title. We even got our 84 year grandmother involved and she goes all out every year. It’s a great activity to kick off the winter holidays with your loved ones. You won’t regret it!

Pro Tip:

Buy Pre-Built or Hot Glue the houses ahead of time (if you don't plan on eating them)! This allows the real fun to begin, the decorating!

•You can find pre-built houses at Target.

•Group a variety of candy and themed candy on your tables

•Pretzel sticks, almonds, wafers and other small edible items can also be used for decor accents like roofing and wall finishings.

FOR EASE, we set up an organized list of items you can quickly get shipped to your home: VIEW "GINGERBREAD WARS" SHOPPING LIST HERE

Let us know if you add the twist of a fun competition with your loved one! We'd love to the end result and remember you can theme out the candy and colors to anything, so if your Jewish friends want to make a Hanukkah themed Gingerbread Wars- DO IT!

Happy December!


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