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A Backyard Brunch Wedding

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

It's "Wedding Wednesday" on the blog and last week we spoke about planning and pinning and using the "pinning obsession" for practical use when putting together a wedding or big event. If you need a quick recap, CLICK HERE.

#gogogilbert2016 February 13th, 2016 the wedding of, Emily & Andrew.

Today we are featuring a very coooool bride & groom, some might call them a hipster couple, other's an artsy couple. I just think they are cool AF couple, Emily & Andy. For example, the bride wore a lavender lace wedding dress that originally was intended for a bridesmaid dress, but Emily didn't care- it was " THE ONE". She paired her look with smokey grey eyes and a deep plum lip. Her hair a wispy up-do, featuring an understated CZ headpiece, that glittered in the Florida Sun.

As one of the bride's besties, I have much respect for this Columbian woman and her American husband pulling off a LESS THAN 35 count person at their wedding. It was only immediate family. I've never seen a hispanic wedding that intimate and I was honored to have witnessed it. It was beautiful and personal. How did I get invited? It was very clever on behalf of the bride, when her pair of her besties are creative obsessed people. Liz Dikinson and I were on photography, video, hair, make-up and cake duty. Sounds crazy, but we pulled it off. The flowers, chairs and tables were set up by the siblings and parents and the ceremony set up was put together by the bride and groom. They placed hay stacks and covered them with throws for seating, lined the pathways with white stone rocks, finishing with a stunning floral altar arrangement. Since this was a "BRUNCH WEDDING" our party favors were these hand made mugs by the bride, perfect for coffee and cake!

The bride and groom although cool and not so traditional, were very adamant about the sacredness of their ceremony. They hired the very popular and beautifully talented officiant, Rev. Eddie Rodriguez. I say popular because I legit have been to four weddings in the last couple years and he has officiated all of them! The couple also wanted an "un-plugged" wedding. To please allow the photography and video to capture the moment while the guests just relax and listen to the resonating words shared by Rev. Eddie Rodriguez. This is also a plus, because it avoids the potential horror of seeing phones and iPads in the middle of the aisle as the bride makes her way, along with avoiding hearing a phone call during the ceremony.

*Tip, if you have a wedding coming up and are nervous about this, have someone in charge ask the people sitting towards the center of the aisle to make sure they don't stick their phones out to the inside of the aisle. I've actually seen this done and it's very helpful. Sometimes a very proud family member or friend wants to capture the moment, most likely the kiss moment, and share it. Try to have them keep their phone within their aisle and save the phone moment for after the kiss.

From this romantic intimate ceremony comes the fun non-traditional backyard brunch. It was traditional in the sense that it was seated, on a beautiful patch of grass, playing all the jazz classics, mimosa bar & champagne ready, with tables adorned with purple hued bouquets. It was non-traditional in that their caterer was this 50's turquoise food truck, that probably had the best chicken and waffles I ever ate, bravo Curbside Gourmet Food Truck!!! I loved how well this wedding captured the personality of the couple. The perfect blend of tradition and non-traditional backyard wedding. So a few hours later the wedding passes but it's still early, the newly married couple rounded up their friends and we celebrated the night away at local pubs and eateries!!!

Enjoy the " Best Day Ever" of Andy & Emily...



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