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It's finally come, OCTOBER. The first week of October and THE WITCHES ARE BACK! The first FRIDAY of October and we are making it "FRIGHTFEMMES FRIDAYS". The hopes of making every FREAKY FRIDAY filled with a little Halloween cosplay fun!

For those of you just joining us, #FRIGHTFEMMES [CLICK HERE to visit the story on instagram] is a wicked fun collaboration with The Weekend Gypsy. Back in 2015 our love of Halloween make-up and DIY cosplay collided and we busted our booties and pumped out 34 total looks together. As amazing as that year was, the last two year we have had many other amazing life moments in love and work and finding time to pump that many out is -well HARD AF! lol We also covered a great range of looks, that can be reused over and over. This year though, we hope to give you a good handful of Halloween looks with all the key styles you crave;Glam, Spooky, Whimsy, Classic, and my personal favorite- GORE!

Before we move on to this year's first looks, check out the links below...


YOU want the ultimate package of FRIGHTFEMMES looks plus DIY costume tips and tricks. CLICK HERE FOR ALL OF BLONDE2BRUNETTE & The Weekend Gypsy collab and then some!

P.S. Scroll to the bottom for a little flashback on all the looks!!!

If you haven't guess it by now- The first looks are PUMPKIN THEMED in honor of the ultimate symbol of HALLOWEEN: Jack- O- Lanterns!!!





-Pumpkin Obsessed-


It's actually inspired by the amazing Glam&Gore's Jack-O-Lantern face tutorial [WATCH HERE]

The way I changed it up was make it a tad more gothic with a witches hat a couple necklaces, If I were going to a party I would recommend getting a tad more bloody!

Key Materials Needed

Scar Wax: [BUY HERE] I recommend this over the latex/cotton method simply because the seems blend much better,

MUA Palette Knife: [BUY HERE] This tool helped me blend the edges and apply the wax. A great tool to have in your kit and it's pretty cheap.

Vaseline: [BUY HERE] This is ideal for smoothing out edges of the scar wax, plus keeping it sticking to your hands!

Spirit Gum: [BUY HERE] This is the best adhesive for a lasting prosthetic all night long!

Spirit Gum Remover: [BUY HERE] As strong as I say it is, so is this remover, GET THE REMOVER! It's much faster than baby oil or coconut oil!

Blood: [BUY HERE] The stage blood from Ben Nye is my favorite because it's non-toxic and COMES OUT WITH WATER! As in, as this dripped on my rug and shirt, I was A-Ok!

Black, Red, White Cream Make-Up: [BUY HERE] I used the red for all over the mouth and eye area, plus black in the edges.

Witch's Hat: [BUY HERE] I'm pretty sure that hat I'm using is a kids size hat, but it worked for the "creepy teen" look. lol

Everything else, is basically your foundation , setting powder and brown and/or black eyeshadow for your eyes and pumpkin lines, black liner for the inside of your eyes and pumpkin line, plus a highlighter stick to do a little definition on pumpkin lines and cheek bones..the basics. Once you finish the wax, everything else is a breeze! Also, little goes a long way with wax and spirit gum!

* To REMOVE WAX, use sewing thread and glide it along your face...visit the IG story today (or Halloween Highlight) for what I mean. [CLICK HERE]

Here's a closer look on the face!!!

Hope you all enjoyed our wicked first looks! We'll be back next week...





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