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Updated: Jul 27, 2022


I REALLLLLLLYYYY WANTED to do this look and am so happy I did! It was a total of an hour. It's really all about the bald cap, hair and texture on the bald cap with liquid latex. I would recommend getting contacts if you want to take this look up a notch!

I was mostly concerned with the shape of the head. I already have a huge head to begin with but needed to create the humpty dumpty look. I was really inspired by the latest "IT" look. Much darker version that the original Tim Curry, but after taking pictures, I felt it looked like a blend of both looks...or maybe it just my rubbery face that is somewhat similar to Tim Curry's grand smile of rage!

As always image research is a must and then inspo from other artist as well! Check out this awesome tutorial below by, Ellimacs SFX MAKEUP! They added prosthetics to the nose and ears... I didn't do that, but you totally can. I think they did the best job recreating the look and executing a great video for the public:


You don't need much to create this look, but you do need these items:


WHITE BALD CAP- Get it in white if you can, less blending when the makeup starts.

CRAZY RED WIG- you are going to want a wig with a lot of hair, the styling of the hair takes the longest! the new movie features more of a faded orange.

LIQUID LATEX - this helps create texture on the bald cap and skin. The new movie features PENNYWISE deteriorating clown. You can use a makeup wipe remover to take this off! Speed up drying by use your blow dryer on cool setting.

SPIRIT GUM w/ SPIRIT GUM REMOVER- This helps secure your bald cap to your face! You will want to have the remover near by! They are not always sold together.

All you really need is white clown makeup, black grease paint, red grease paint and black eyeshadow to create this clown. I have a few lipstick shades to darken up the nose and lips and then add black to create decay.

I hope you all enjoyed the first MAKE-UP look of #FRIGHTFEMMES17 , PENNYWISE from "IT".

Stay tuned for more!




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