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September 22, 2017 is the first day of F A L L. If you are just joining us here on B2B then you will soon realize that FALL gives us life. There is something about the color orange, black, deep burgundy, hunter green, brown, red etc that is just soothing and comforting. Maybe its the first sign of the holidays that get's us excited, or the fact that fashion (in our opinion) just gets better and of course our favorite, the holiday decorating. There's already a few pumpkins lying around that we picked up from target in the coffee nook section. As we've had this blog, we have done a good bunch of blog posts here and there for the wonderful Fall season and plan on delivering more in the coming weeks.

We have a few plans for you, per usual the 'Fall Fashion trends for 2017' (which every year it's a version of the same thing from the previous fall season reimagined with one or two added trending item, KEY Items you need when decorating your home/event, recipes upon recipes, halloween make-up and costume tips/inspo, local events and more. We always enjoy the holiday months and your great feedback. If there is anything in particular you wish to have blogged, MAILBOX US.

In the meantime check out some of our favorites posts for the fall season below and if you want a complete list of our FALL related post, CLICK HERE.

(HALLOWEEN posts are C O M I N G)

*Click Images to visit each post!


Happy almost FALL everyone,



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