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#FRIGHTFEMMES16 [VOL. II | DIY Unicorn Costume]

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

This passed Halloween, I dressed up as a "Raven Multi Colored Glittered Unicorn", how did I come about this? Well I always incorporate black and glitter into my costume (I rarely wear light colored costumes on Halloween). So I did my regular pinterest research, and saw a lot of random tuttu and onesies with anything associated with a unicorn costume. Then I came upon this amazing picture on


It had all the colors I hoped for, and was the perfect image to work off. I quickly became pressed for time, as I actually didn't finish my costume. There are a few things I would add, but I may just bring this costume back this year and to a few add ons!

I quickly decided NO to the tutu, and wanted a cat suit. I either wanted it to be sequence, glittered or shiny fabric. Next thing I new I went on google, typed in first purple catsuits, then purple glittered catsuits, and realized all the purple was way too bright. So I then switched purple to black. Next thing I knew I found more items I could work off of.

I then realized what the fabric I wanted was called "HOLOGRAPHIC" - you know that 3-D rainbow effect on spandex vinyl'esque (< is that word?) material? lol Well yes, that narrowed down my search completely!!!

Since I loved glitter so much, I went for the glittered style holographic fabric from JADED LONDON.

They currently are sold out of this particular catsuit, but I know where you can get some locally here in Miami, and have then perfectly fitted...

When I received mine in the mail, I knew that I needed to search for a seamstress to get this thing tailored. A low back unitard always has pulling and loose unfitted areas around the waist, and kill me but my favorite part to accentuate is my waist, so I needed it FITTED!!!! I went on a hunt and actually found a woman who specializes in dance/circus performance wear, and makes pretty spectacular suits and headpieces!

Her name is Olga Saretsky, she's a professional dancer and circus performer! I went to her North Miami studio, put on the catsuit, and she was able to tailor to my liking. My suit was fixed within 15 minutes! Talk about fast. I'm sure every case is different, but she was quick and knew exactly what to do! I have no doubt that I will be using her for future costume pieces!

Check out KikiMoraFashion ETSY SHOP HERE!

These are just a few looks from her shop...

After I had my base, everything else became some what easy to order, I bought my items on ebay, but keep in mind the "delivery date" they give you. If you have Amazon, I recommend going on the search there because of their awesome two day delivery (prime membership is totally worth it,his membership also comes in handy for Christmas- sorry did you just a gag a little from the short amount of time till then?) !!!

  • WIG (BUY HERE) -Long and thick enough to manipulate so many colors to choose from.

  • HORN (BUY HERE) - Plastic, and light colored with glitter. Was able to hollow out the horn and put in my own lights.

  • TULLE (BUY HERE) - to stuff the wig, and make an airy tail (if I had more time then I would make a bugger layered and fluffier tail.)

  • LIGHTS (BUY HERE) - If you do enough shopping you may find some awesome colors to choose from at your local stores, I don't see them offering purple, but I did see them at the store!!!

Styling wigs pre-event helps you save a lot of time. I wanted something with a faux hawk look and this wig provides enough hair, be sure to use a matching color tulle to stuff the wig to give it extra volume without weighing it down!

I loved the concept of working with light to just add an extra touch of whimsey, yeah know? These days all those battery powered "FireFly" lights come in different lengths and colors, I just knew it was the perfect accessory.

For the make-up I used "Ben Nye" body paints, in black and white, and a few different shades of purple, and highlighter. I did this makeup in 30 minutes. I had clients that whole day, and at this point I was so pooped, I went with something that stood out with the whole look. It was the most basic of make-up application and used the ideal "highlight and contour" but with little blending. What made this pop was the highlighter and glitter effect! I'll be doing a tutorial on specific look, and you'll be able to complete this look with easy. You don't have to paint your entire face thought. A sexy glam look is all you need! By the way, if your things is open back, maybe get someone to paint it for you? lol

I hope you enjoyed my take on this unicorn idea! If you want to see the Unicorn glitter/ makeup look in action, check out this video and skip to the end at 02:50. Check out the photos below for a closer look! If you like this costume, and end up taking on your own version, please send us or tag



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