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Gifts That Keep On Giving (Vol. 2)

Last year's post on GIFTS THAT KEEP ON GIVING (CLICK HERE FOR BLOG POST), I spoke of fun private companies that make clothing, jewelry and shoes with proceeds benifiting world hunger (Half United) , jobs for the homeless(The Giving Keys) and giving clean water, clothes, shoes, glasses (TOMS) . I still stand by these wonderful companies and always hope to gift these for my loved ones, knowing that it has mutliple purposes with just one buy!

I wanted to play on another idea of " Gifts that keep on giving...". Here's a list of ideas that I think would be pretty awesome to recieve!!!

FIXING A BROKEN ITEM- I recently repaired and restored my late grandfather's watch and honestly this little vintage item has brought me so much joy. I even had a dream with him in it. I can't tell you how long it's been since that has happened... (cue the tears)... really though, does a loved one of yours have something that they have been wanting to fix? or have completely forgotten about and it needs to be restored? A ring? The claspe on a necklace? How about a broken tail light or other issue with their car? How long has one of your friends been walking around with their phone screens smashed up? How nice would that be?

RESTORING HOME VIDEOS- Could you imagine recieving a DVD with your old home movies extracted from the VHS tapes that you left in storage? What a treat to see fond memories of your loved ones and relive it all over again! Be sure to have a box of tissues, or is that just me and my sappy self?

GROCERY CARD- Maybe for a family in need? Or someone you know that may need a little relief this month on bills? Why not treat them to a sweet gift card to the market.

A WELLNESS MEMBERSHIP- Be it the gym or sessions with a trainer, a package of theraputic massage or chiropractic treatment. The gym can be of someone you know who has some set goals for the new year and wants a fresh start, or they may need a trainer to teach them the proper way to achieve their goals. For most, theraputi massages are a luxury, but there are people who suffer from ailments that may just need a few or more sessions to alleviate chronic pain, for them it's a necessity.

BEAUTY PACKAGE- for the constant on the go friend, that wishes she could take a break from the mundane tasks of look presentable, or the busy mother who for once would want someone to take care of her and doll herself up. I'm talking, facials, blow outs, manicures, eyebrow/lash tints and extensions- those kind of packages! Lucky for the holidays season, these places usually have some great affordable packages you can pre purchase! either at the place or on apps like "Living Social" and " Groupon".

"TOOLS & TRAINING" FOR THE INSPIRED & DRIVEN- There is nothing more incredible than seeing a person inspired in their career or hobbies, and driven to strengthen their craft! What I mean by tools and training? As an actor and crafter, I'm always looking for classes and workshops in acting, vocal, photography, blogging, caking, sugar artistry, and culinary. Be it locally or online classes. My favorite online classes to have are from CRAFTSY.COM , they have everything under the sun in the craft and hobby world. It's free to sign up, and you can purchase any classes you wish. There are even free classes, and they always have sales!

Tools and training doesn't stop there, books and pricey materials are also sweet gestures. Even if it's one item, or a gift card to their frequently visited stores, they will apreciate it so much!

*I think if you or someone you know is getting the blogging bug, then this next tip is for you!!!

Lately Kelly and I have been playing with our camera's and creating more effective tools for our blogging in the 2016 New Year. A lot of play with asthetics in photos, and text. Our latest project is TWG Designs (a full blog post on that soon). We went to our tech savvy friend Laura, The Weekend Gypsy for custom designs on photoshop brushes, and other tools for flyers, and provided our own photos. Not only does TWGDesigns have an array of photos, clip art, and other awesome digital files, but she also does custom orders in a timely matter. For a newbie in blogging, these would be wonderful photos and tools to use, and make your " begginers blog look proffesional from the start. ***I would also recomend these digital files for teachers and small buissness owners!

So for a gift that keeps on giving, I hope one of these, if not more, is a useful idea for the next person on your list! More gift giving ideas to come!




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