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WELCOME Back and HELLO New Friends!!! THANK YOU ALL for the positive feedback everyone has been saying about this year's #FRIGHTFEMMES15 collab!!! I can't thank you enough, and I'm so pleased to share with you SIX NEW LOOKS! We've got some classics in here, but with a little renewed vibe!

For those just joing us click here to view our #FRIGHTFEMMES15 INTRO-VOL.I- VOL.II POST HERE

The #FRIGHTFEMMES15 HALLOWEEN COLLAB with Laura, from The Weekend Gypsy continues NOW.





-It's 2085 and this femmebot has had enough. Everything around her is cold, chrome, and people are lifeless. She found an old book in the abandoned 5th ave apartment across the hall from her freeze lab... "Fashion through the decades: the 1960s." She'll now be immortalized with a luxurious soft glow, and a wide-eyed perspective on beauty.-




Living a double life is no walk in the park. But she wouldn't trade it for the world. It's not easy concealing the green bags under her eyes before work, but when the weekend hits, she's free to be in her own element... casting spells and capturing souls.


  • Start by applying your usual foundation/concealer routine. I chose to go 2 shades lighter than my complexion for a more pale look. If you want to add more of a witchy vibe, mix a bit of green face paint in with your foundation to give it a subtle greenish-tint.

  • Next, create a really exaggerated set of brows. Drawing little wispy hair like strokes near the fronts.

  • Take a cool toned brown eyeshadow and contour your face. Make your nose look as long and skinny as possible by drawing 2 vertical lines down the entire bridge. Deepen the frown lines around the mouth, and create wrinkles on the forehead.

  • Use greens and browns to create a really intense smokey eye, bringing it down really low on the bottom, almost creating green under-eye circles.

  • Add some thick winged liner and really long, fluttery lashes. Make the look unique by adding shapes or dots to really create a "character" to create your costume/story around.

  • Finish off with dark lipstick and you're done! I chose a really really dark purple that came across looking black anyways! For an extra touch, apply a shimmery green shadow to the center of your lips if you want to maker her more glam.




-After 10 years at the institution, she couldn't take another day of distant screams down the echoing hallways and sights of people squirming in their straight jackets. One morning, during her journal writing session, she used her pen for more than a doodle. Who needs eyes or ears when you already see visions in your head?-





-Jacqueline, was the woman to see at the Moulin Rouge. She was loved by everyone, and she loved them back. Unfortunately that was too much love to give, as jealousy and obsession grew over two men. One night one of them came with a gun, to fight for her love and well… C’est La Vie.-



OFF WITH HER HEAD [The Queen’s Imposter]

-I was part of this theatrical tour group Verona. I was given this amazing script to play Queen Elizabeth the 1st. I got to play the queen!!! I didn’t know it was frowned upon, until the day I stepped foot in her kingdom. That was the last step I took…-

* SHOUT OUT to my girl, BIANCA in L.A. for requesting such a cool look!


  • Start by paling out your face. I don’t mean Geisha white. I’m going for Rococo era. Mix your foundation with either a clown white or highlight concealer.

  • Pink subtle tones for eyes and cheeks. I chose a traditional rose. You can also do lavender, or pale blue on the lids.

  • For my lips, I started off with a purple [Up The Amp-Mac], but then filled in with a red to make the neck pop more [Russian Red- Mac].

  • After your face is done, begin outlining your neck with black, fill all with black, then with a red liner, fill all with red makeup paint! I used the bruise wheel kit by Ben Nye.

  • Using the colors with the bruise wheel (red, mauve, coral, black) I made little half circles. Working out to in.

  • Add the white pain for the bone. -You want to highlight and shadow your neck rim. It makes it pop, and seals the look!

  • I used brown shadow, the brown paint( you can use a brown pencil too.).

  • Did a lil extra shading in the hollows of my throat area!


-I prefer styling long, thick, fluffy wigs.

-I used a headband, bobby pins, and small rubber band to clip and tuck hair.

-With the end of the hair, first tie with a tiny rubber band, and then secure with a bobby pin. It will make it easier to secure than loose hair!




-Legend has it she was waiting for her long lost love to come back from months at sea. She waited for him at the lighthouse, the night he was arriving. She fell asleep with the candle that lay beside her. Unfortunately there was spilt oil oil close by. No one knows what happened to her since there was nothing left to find in the ashes. The town later rebuilt the lighthouse, which now is no longer in use. Some say on the anniversary of her disappearance you can see a soft glow from the top…​-




Well everyone, that concludes #FRIGHTFEMMES15 VOL.III. With just2 weeks shy of halloween, we hope our post have been inspiring you, and helping you find some peace within costume and makeup choices this year. At the end of the day there is not wrong choice in your creative choice making. Just have fun, and try soemthing new this year!!! MORE TO COME!!!!

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P.S. Be sure to visit THE WEEKEND GYPSY's intro post HERE & Vol.I Post HERE, and Vol.II Post HERE and the rest of the month as we will be posting about our process during #FRIGHTFEMMES15... please hashtag your pix and join the collab via Instagram and Facebook with #FRIGHTFEMMES15




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