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Halloween spooky / gorey [ pretty much gross ] /glam/SFX MAKEUP LOOKS!

Complete with S I X M A K E- U P L O O K S with 2 gory step-by-step pictorials and tips (for my 80's/90's kids, did you get the urge to say " DAY BY DAY" , following "step-by-step" lol?) . The #FRIGHTFEMMES15 HALLOWEEN COLLAB with Laura, from The Weekend Gypsy continues NOW.

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" It's not easy being this sassy. All she wants to do is be the next Hollywood star. Every casting director tells her she needs to lose the spots, tame the hair, stop eating all the catering. But a lady leopard doesn't listen, she's here to run her kingdom, one boudoir photo shoot at a time..."




"A little delusion never hurts. She lives in a bubble gum forrest and deems herself queen of the castle. She eats glitter for breakfast, spends her days chasing fairies, and sleeps in a bed of tulle at night. Her life is perfection in every possible way. Yet there's a little mystery behind her eyes, and when she realizes the truth is about to ooze out, she's in for a quite a bumpy ride..."


  • Use floral wire (which is very easy to shape, mold, & bend) to create the skeleton of your crown.

  • Vary the heights of the points for a more whimsical feel.

  • Take some textured yarn of your choice and wrap it around the entire wire crown. This is a little time consuming but well worth it. Plus no glue mess!

  • Lastly, use strips of tulle (or any other adornment that works for your costume) to tie onto the crown as embellishments.




"Her husband was on his way home from work in a fury. He called ahead to warn her but she couldn't understand his string of raspy mumbles. She hung up and went back to her microwave tv dinner. A few moments later, he stumbled through the door and ran at her with arms extended, fingers curled, murmuring "Honey I'm home", and then... a bite on the cheek. She turned. She wasn't ready... should've made her last meal from scratch..."


  • Start off with your bare face. For this look, we're going to be using our imperfections and almost exaggerating them, so no need to apply foundation and concealer to even things out. Major time saver!

  • Grab a deep olive toned foundation and begin heavily contouring the face, neck, and chest area. Focus on sunken parts to make yourself look extra thin and add heavy shading in the eye sockets.

  • To create the wounds, use liquid latex (or eyelash glue) and thin pieces of tissue or toilet paper. Apply the tissue over the latex in layers (letting the latex dry completely in between each layer).

  • Next (CAREFULLY!) take a small pair of scissors or tweezers to poke holes in the wounds and start peeling them open.

  • Finish off with grease paints and fake blood!

  • For the full effect, dab some vaseline on your eyelids for a "greasy" sweaty look, and tease your hair 'till no return!

  • Throw on anything from your closet, because with this look, you're #insta-zombiefied





"I over heard these ladies talking at the SAKS make-up counter, about this amazing " Day Spa" on the cheap, I just had to try. They do everything; lips,boob, filler, botox, etc. It's been a week since my procedures, I can't feel my face, and these pills they gave me work wonders. I'm still bleeding a bit though, that's normal right?"