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Updated: Sep 24, 2021

"Something Wicked This Way Comes..."

Nothing like quoting Shakespeare's epic scene of the Three Witches in, Hamlet, to give you chills. Something indeed WICKED is coming here this Hallow's Eve. Not just on the 31st, but this whole month we will be celebrating the Magical Month with fun ideas for your cosplay (costume play) , crafts, baked goods, and ofcourse make-up. Not to mention a recap list of last year's tips! The holiday season of 2015, has officially begun!!! If you are joining us for the first time for Halloween, you can read my obsession/back story with Halloween/Fall season read intros to posts [HERE] & [ HERE ].

We are kicking off October with "a little help from our friends", and by that we mean collaborating with fellow Miami blogger and friend, THE WEEKEND GYPSY! Last year I found that, Laura a.k.a THE WEEKEND GYPSY, is probably the only other person in our local Miami group of friends that truly loves dressing up and being creative with whatever materials you set before her (trust me she can make anything out of anything). So as my itch for Halloween got bigger, the more I thought about what to do for Halloween (and how to top last years looks and inspo for you guys), I realized that a collaboration was going to be not only fun, but just an abundance of imagination, exploration, and resources for all of our friends in both her, and our blog here on B2B. I mean endless possibilities.

Another reason or two:

-We are digging her 'Gypsy' vibes- anything " GYPSY" related we're game.

-We are pretty confident she wears boots year round.

-She loves HALLOWEEN just as much as we do on B2B.

-She loves Halloween inspired FX MAKE-UP.

- Did I mention she loves HALLOWEEN ?

Like all of our guests, here's a sweet QnA on LAURA:


Color: If black is not an option… then turquoise!

Candy: Almond Joy (seriously!)

Go to Outfit: Black skinny jeans, a boxy off-shoulder tee, and pointed flats or ankle booties.

I feel my sexiest _____. After freshly washed hair and some solid cat eyeliner. My Perfect Date includes_____.

Sushi, chocolate, and Netflix. In any order!

Describe your WORST DATE: It began with an ugly parking situation, which was followed by almost starting a fire at dinner with the menu and a candle, and finally ended with a really awkward conversation about gender roles.

In my past life I lived in the ______. 1970s. The music, the fashion, the HAIR, and Charlie’s Angels.

If I could spend the day with anyone (living/deceased), who would it be? Mimi Ikonn. She’s a young and successful entrepreneur who came from nothing and now spends her days doing exactly what she loves. Plus I’d love to hear stories about all of the places she’s travelled to… where hasn’t she been?!

My life would be nothing without? The people I love... and my computer.

On to the next question.....(CLICK IMAGES TO SEE TRIO LOOKS)

So what do you get when you ADD THIS ...


Well, here's a little vision from the CRYSTAL BALL...


Two ladies bringing you a variety of looks from horror to sweet, glitter to gore, guaranteed to bring you magic none the less. Who knows maybe a spell cast on you to make your own look. With the simple hashtag of

#FrightFemmes15 you can search via instagram, and facebook, keep tabs of all of our fun inspiration via instagram by following Laura @theweekendgypsy and us @blonde2brunette. If you are a facebooker, we've got you covered; The Weekend Gypsy [HERE] and Blonde2Brunette [HERE].

*Follow, tag us and be sure to hashtag your looks with #FrightFemmes15

We would love to feature your DIY looks!!!

If you want to be knee deep in the grave with us, you can ALSO follow us on snapchat, and with that you may be first to see some looks before they hit the rest of the virtual world! Follow us on snapchat by searching: theweekendgypsy and caropozo.

We hope you are excited as much as we are. Feel free to email/comment on B2B if you have any specific questions on looks, materials, and we will replay A.S.A.P. In the mean time, visit our resourceful post's from last year about Halloween Cosplay and Make-Up. If you want all things related to Halloween, simply click the tag named, "Halloween" (works for both our sites) OR CLICK THE IMAGES BELOW to be directed to all halloween inspired make-up and cosplay!



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