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Coffee Addict [DIY NOOK Inspo]

My mother has been wanting a little coffee & tea station in the loft area of the house for some time. She has always our home cozy and comfy. So over time my sister and I have picked up these habits as well, and ofcourse we swoon over stores like Pottery Barn, Anthropology, and Resotration Hardware. They are our decor spirit animals if you must. So as the "holiday bug" has been creeping on all of us, so have some little house projects. After pinning some ideas, and finding some similar elements with items we already own, my mother let me have my way with a drill and I got to workin!


  • Scout the proper location, with plenty of wall space, a power source (outlet, or make sure you run an extension to the nearest possible).

  • Find and purchase main pieces, table top- preferable with storage, shelves for unique displays of your essentials and decorative pieces. You can or not add a third item. We chose a cute 5 foot tall skinny cabinet. We plan on featuring easy to grab sweets according to holidays, and occassions. Especially on the rainy days in! We went to Nadue (off bird and 72nd- Bird Rd's design wearhouse district) for the farm house style storage pieces, and the rustic shelves with the simple industrial 'L' brackets we from HomeGoods. Which I'm shocked because there are similar versions of these guys at Resoration Hardware, and West Elm.

  • Instal the shelves, and postion your units. Be sure to level your shelves (you dont want items sliding off), buy the appropriate screws/nails for the weight you plan on having held (get ones with anchors if you have drywall for your wal) and for precision use a tape measure if you are looking for proper alignment of whatever edge you are going for (I wanted the shelves to be the same coming in from the rightside in edge of the wall).


Check out your favorite store's CLEARANCE SECTION for the basics. Cough Cough Sur La Table, had the adorable and simple white mugs, bowls, and plates (you know for sweets, oatmeal, and cerials).

Get your coffee or tea maker ready. We chose The Keurig (so many flavor profiles), and our favorite teas are from Harney & Sons (if you are in NYC go to Soho RIGHT NOW and go have a free mug!!!).

Start picking up accent pieces! Depending on your theme, that might be rustic jars, books, tin cans (Sur La table) , candies, etc. Which reminds me, I was at a local thrift shop that had an old school coffee grinder, perfect for the shelf- damn should have bought it!

Showcase your home's personality (or your own)! One of my favorite confections books is really more about the asthetic of it. In it's own french title it mentions the word "FAMILY". This is a home constantly full of our large, passionate, chocolate loving, sweets obsessed , crazy Cuban family (and i wouldnt have it any other way).

I think the next item to add to this spot, is an adorable hand lettered chalk board, some brownies, and more Halloween decor! lol


POOR YOURSELF A MUG, add a book, some jazz, and enjoy your personal cafe!



P.S. Share with us your home projects, tag us on Instagram using the hashtag #B2BDIYPROJECT


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