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Valentine’s day is probably the sweetest gifts year round, and by that I mean this “holiday” allows you to make the cutest, corniest, handmade gifts ever! I absolutely love that whole idea. It’s when the “thought that counts” shines.

From love letters, to chocolates, to serenading your love… there are many ways to gift, and all it takes is a little creativity.

So below are some inspiration, recipe’s, and tips, but remember Valentine’s day is a day to tell someone you love them with a lil more shine. Not just your significant other, but why not a parent, sibling, grandmother, child or friend. They need loving too!



Lavender Lotion Bars

All you need is three ingredients to get started. I make version of these for my small shop, and the better quality the ingredients, the better they feel.


  • Beezwax- (Craft stores like Michaels & Joanne Fabrics in the soap/candle making section, or research the web for the cheapest brand.)

  • Coconut Oil- (I bought a huge jar at Homegoods for $10.00)

  • Essential Oils- ( I prefer Young Living Pure Essential Oils. They are potent and pure, best buy for your buck, and I use them everyday for multiple uses, Try buying a sample box of your choice if curious BUY HERE)

  • Silicone Mold, or Paper Cups.- (I chose my heart shape mold to make in the theme. With paper cups you can pop them out after they have cooled and solidified.)

  • Small Pot- (Double boiler preferred, so you don’t burn the wax.)

  • Small Scale- measures in grams.


Take equal parts of the coconut oil and beezwax, now every container you have varies for the amount. To do a test, I weighed out 125grams of each. Put your two ingredients in the pot and allow it to melt on low heat. After that has melted away then add your fragrant oil of choice (up to 8/10 drops). Allow to cool until is completely solidified, wrap in craft paper, or tulle. Pair it with a bow, tag, and boom. DONE!


These bars are meant for post shower, or when you wish to hydrate the body. Great for rough patches of dry skin.

Just start softly passing the bar along your skin and warmth of your skin will get it going. Enjoy!


“Love in One Place” BASKET

So I totally nabbed this idea from Gossip Girl, but do you remember the episode when Blair and Chuck FINALLY get together and he happened to have stormed off in the middle of the summer, although Blair had no idea why, and we- or maybe just me- freaked out because all I wanted was for them to finally be one. But Nooooooo, Chuck was off galavanting around in Europe, and we soon find out he was buying all her favorite things from France, Spain, Italy, and more. I mean WOW. So maybe we all don’t have a private jet to do that, but there is such a thing as shipping, and driving to places. So if you got time, plan ahead with collecting an array of goodies for your loved one’s!

Here is an example (miami local places)-

Materials-I love a french country feel, so my container of choice would be a medium to small sized wooden crate, or wire basket.


Macarons, from our local patiserie, Janette & Co ( I absolutely love their basil, orange blossom, & rose petal !)

Bubbly, I love the taste and the look to the bottle of Sofia Coppola’s bottle, they are feminine, and inexpensive- buy at Total Wine!

Chocolate covered Strawberries, Godiva is queen B, but i’m not picky whole foods makes some great ones, or make your own!

Gift Card, now you can either get them a card from their favorite place, or be cute and creative like ” Good for one hour massage” or ” Cooked home meal of your choice” or something risque…

I say take a look at DIY handmade gifts on handy dandy Pinterest for some more inspo!

TIPS ON THE ROMANTIC SIDE (tell your significant others to peek if they need inspiration)

  • If you have the means to spend, go for it, but if you don’t – DON’T. This is Valentine’s Day, it’s supposed to be a light hearted day of sweet kisses, hugs, and sweets. Be smart and creative in stretching out that dollar. don’t be an impulsive buyer- research!

  • If the girl loves food, then settle with FOOD! If restaurants are booked or over priced, try a picnic, or home cooked meal with rose petals and candles all over the place. That may sound cliche, or corny, or over used, but you know what, the person you do it for will love it!

  • Planning a whole day affair? Make it a scavenger hunt, or take them on a trip around the world. By that I mean try going to different styled restaurants (french, spanish, ect.) and pretend you are hoping from country to country!

  • Don’t forget to express your feelings, if it’s hard to say them in person, there is something about a love letter that makes my heart skip a beat! There is so much energy passed on a piece of paper, words that are not just said but tangible in my hands. It allows this moment to be frozen in time forever, and when I want to, I can always read this card, months…years down the road and relive that moment all over again.

TIPS ON THE NOT SO ROMANTIC SINGLE LADIES OUT THERE ( and men too if you are reading this)

  • If you’ve always hated this day or it’s a first for you, your not alone. Sometimes these “holidays” are blown up our of proportion, but guess what? It’s only 24 hours long, and CVS will soon put all the candy and chocolate you want on SALE!

  • Some of the best Valentine’s Days were the ones where I got a huge group of my single ladies and went out EATING and DRINKING (drink responsibly of course). We got decked out to the max, and just had a great time. Not that whole bit where Jessica Biel beats a pinata to death and yelling “I hate Valentines Day”.

  • If you want to spice things up, grab a group of your single ladies, and any single men that you know, get dressed up and GO DANCING!!!!! I personally think this is a fun and different way at looking at this day if you are single. Keep it light hearted, you all are there to just have fun and own v-day, not the other way around!

I hope you all enjoyed the first part of this DIY V-DAY Gifts and TIPS!

Feel free to let us know of your favorite gifts, and activities you like to do on VDAY to inspire everyone on the hunt!

BUT EVEN BETTER WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE VALENTINE’s DAY THUS FAR? email us (, facebook message, or contact us AT OUR MAILBOX with your story, to be featured next week!

We would love to share your stories with everyone!!!




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