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* “Cosplay” is just a short term way of saying “costume play”.

So have you all figured out what you are going to be for Halloween yet? Are you freaking out because you don’t have a costume? On a budget? Not inspired?

When was the last time you looked in your closet for some staples, that you can use as costume pieces?! You be surprised how many item you have that can be paired with props or other items to complete your outfit!

Here are some examples from my very own closet, and how I’ve used them over the years and even most recently at a costume party.

Let’s start with the ever trending deer mua!

Last week I went to a halloween party and wanted to wear my deer makeup and headpiece out, but wasn’t sure how I wanted to do it. An easy thought would be getting some sort of natural colored cat suit, and possible spray painting white circles on sections, and white belly. But instead i opted to make it more majestic and different. My theme was costume turned into # Majestic Fawn. Instead of natural colors I used more purples and pinks with rhinestones glued to my face, and a lot of body glitter — anywhere I could put it! This costume can easily be turned into a princess costume or even “Glinda the Good Witch”

The clothes were my own: Check it out.

Staple Piece: Holiday TUTU SKIRT

Skirt: Space46boutique

Top: Urban Outfitters

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Headpiece: Caro’s Confections

Another example for #MajesticFawn would be the use of a fringe/fur jacket. I kept it chic with highwaisted pants and crop top.

Staple Piece: Fringe/Fur jacket

Jacket: Free People

Pants: American Apparel

Top: Free People

Shoes: Stuart Weitzman

Headpiece: Caro’s Confections

Next is the classic hippie, I think anything with lace these days is easily accessible, and not to mention the kimono’s and floral crowns that are out there.

Staple Piece’s: Lace Dress/Kimono

Dress: Free People

Crop Top: Free People

Kimono: Free People

Shoes: Boom Shanti

Floral Crown: Caro’s Confections

Next item we have is a classic costume I think, and pairs well with an MUA of a ventriloquist. I did this one year and it was so simple and fun. You really just need a black blazer of any kind to be paired with pants or shorts and stockings. this same costume can be made into a magician. If you wanted to add more items, I say a bow tie, and some loose glitter to throw up in the air or even a stuffed bunny rabbit to hide in your hat. (helpful hint, visit your local GoodWill, the amount of blazers they have is ridiculous, and you can always embellish them!)

Staple Costume Piece: Blazer

Jacket: Express

Shorts: American Apparel

Sequence Shoes: Aldo

Plain Black: Stevens

Stockings: Leg Avenue

Top Hat: Spirit Halloween

This next one is easy. I’m hoping you have a striped shirt of some sort cause with that you can do two, a mime or a robber! If you can find suspenders for your mime thats a plus! With my mime costume, I’ve always kept it chic and made it parisian (lol) no joke. I throw that parisian chic theme on anything when it comes to holiday fashion!

Staple Costume Piece: Striped Shirt.

Striped Shirt: Forever 21

Tutu: Space46 Boutique

Black Overall Dress: Urbanoutfitters

Black Shorts: American Apparel

Black Thick Leggins: Marciano

Shoes: Stevens

Pink Bowler Hat: HnM

Beret: Thrift Shop

Suspenders: Hot Topic

Next up we take a sequence dress, and in this case it’s a specific type because it is a vintage inspired dress of the 20’s era. I love period style dresses, and I cant help but buy them when I see them. With these I can pair it with ghostly makeup, or very glam 20’s inspired makeup and hair-do and feel beautiful from head to toe! Your sequence dress doesn’t have to be the exact style of this era, especially if you pair it with the right mua/hair do! (be sure to keep an eye out this week for vol.2 Halloween mua)

Staple Costume Piece: Sequence Dress

Dress: ThriftShop

Shoes: Stevens

Fascinator Hat: My mom made it years ago.

Blue Hat: Selima Hats NYC (at Henri & Bendel)

Fur: Gift from family member.

The most classic costume, is a WITCH COSTUME! probably one of my favorite costumes of all time is dressing up as a witch. Thats the costume I would wear for many years in a row growing up as a kid. Nothing says Halloween more than WITCHES! A little black dress paired with the right props (witch hat, broom, cauldron ect.) is all it takes! Not feeling a witch? Try pairing a little back dress and go as a glam skeleton! It worked for me last year!

Black Circle Dress: Urban Outfitters

Jacket: Free People

Fascinator Hat: My mom made it years ago.

Witch Hat: Gift.

I hope this is helpful to any of you, wondering what to be this Halloween. Use your imagination, and see what staple items you already own in your closet! Not only is it cheaper, but its a more likely chance that your main clothing option will be original and different from all your friends! With all these costumes presented, be sure to keep an eye out this week with more Halloween Makeup Tutorials and Inspiration, they will be sure to compliment each costume idea i’ve given!

If you have an idea in mind or already did a look, and want to share, be sure to hashtag #b2bhalloweencosplay and for your makeup looks hashtag #b2bhalloweenmua.

Happy Haunting Bellas!!


p.s. Enjoy some of last weeks halloween photos (notice how the girls picked there own clothes and paired with fun accessories!!!)


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