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I’ve already expressed my love for the fall season, and clearly decorating my home is something I get excited about over and over again. Especially for my little ones running around. Some of my favorite childhood memories, involve helping my mother decorate our home. It was always a blast spreading magic throughout the years and happy to know that these traditions still live on throughout my family.

Which brings me to my next decorative project, and it takes place in my mothers home. We love finding new ways to decorate for the season, but trying not to over stock on decor and save on storage space. So my mother had seen decorative halloween accent pillows, but couldn’t find some at decent price. Especially when these pillows would only be used for a short period of time, why spend so much?

You know that room that no one really steps into unless it’s a specially occasion party, Christmas, ect. In our spanish culture it’s called the Sala, a.k.a. Florida Room/ Living Room. It’s filled with two gorgeous light taupe couches, and plenty of pillows. Some rectangular and others square.

So between my mom, sis, and I, we headed to our local Joanne Fabrics and picked up 2 yards of different spooktacular fabrics and some halloween themed ribbon (for the white plastic pumpkins from Michaels Craft store), and don’t forget a nice packet of safety pins. This is a quick and easy no sew project, that will easily transform a room to fit any season.

Supplies/ Tools

-2 yards per fabric choice (this really varies depending on the amount of pillows) Even halloween table covers and tab runners are a great way to acquire certain looks!

-Scissors (may be time to invest in a pair of sharp fabric scissors to have for every fabric project)

-Safety Pins (1 packet)

-Pillows (From your own home.)

-Push pins to quickly and easily tack on ribbon, and any other decorative materials for your plastic pumpkins (easy to remove and leave for, Thanksgiving, next month)

For each pillow and the amount of fabric you get, give at least 4 inches around each edge to fold over. You can then attach with safety pins fabric to pillow or fabric to fabric. If people often sit there, give the fabric enough slack to pin fabric to fabric, to avoid tearing.

*Example with 6 inches all around

*Example with more than enough fabric all the way around.



So it’s that simple ladies and gents! It’s not too late to go pick up some fabric from your local craft stores. Especially if you are having a party and want an extra boost to transform your room (there should be plenty of fabric on sale for the fall season)!

Hope you enjoyed this fun, easy, and affordable tutorial!

Lots of love,


p.s. What ways do you save money on decor? We would love to hear from you! be sure to hashtag #b2bDIYpillows so we can see your work!

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