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The Awakenist | Spiritual Medium, Per

So, where do I begin. Let's start with the fact that I am someone who sees a medium maybe once every 5-7 years. Yes I have my own tarot and oracle cards, but I actually don;t think it's beneficial to do readings on yourself often. Unless you truly feel called to it. Manifesting and prayer is what I do most in between these readings and ask for a higher power to keep my eyes wide open, patient and grounded as much as possible.

The last time I did a reading (2015) the medium brought up that I had three spirit guides watching over me, she even brought up my nose job. She kept saying I was going to do something to my face. I kept telling her it was my teeth & veneers etc. but she insisted "NO you are doing something else and it will work out for you in many ways". LOL. Eight months later, in between gum surgery and fittings for veneers, my rhinoplasty was scheduled. She brought up other things about where I was mentally and how I would not move on till this, this and that. She didn't however have too many specifics in terms of those who had crossed over that was relying these messages. It was a great reading nonetheless and she moved away so I couldn't have another one years later...

Fast forward to this passed summer and my girlfriend, Daniela tells me about Per, The Awakenist. She starts telling me about two of her friends that had a reading with him and how they expressed one of them finding their partner in life within the year after a terrible break up prior. Talks of business and other life priorities match up with the person having the reading, were on point and then future things that were to happen, DID HAPPEN. My favorite part however was that he was able to talk to those who passed on. To me that is honestly what I truly seek in readings. I miss my family members, ya know?

The timing of Daniela learning about Per, was divine timing because weeks later, my talent manager who I had known since I was 14 years old passed away and a week later, my Brother-In-Law also passed away. The other person I was hoping to come through was my cousin who passed the year prior, so I was ready to connect. It had been 6 years and change since my last reading and this person in particular does specialize in connection with spirits.

Daniela's reading was incredible, aside from work, personal life and giving her "home work" he brought up her late father and grandmother. Described both of them perfectly and gave her some sweet messages...

So here I am, late July prepping for my zoom meeting. Per gives you a few prep tips prior to your meeting. He wants you to meditate on what it is you seek, if there are people you wish to connect with and anything in between. He recommends you eat and drink well the days leading up to your reading so that your mind and body are open, clear and ready. I am someone who is open to this type of experience , you might be someone who is not. If you think of yourself as a skeptic you must try your best to let your guard down. Be open to it, regardless of who may or may not come through in your reading, per still gives you wonderful advice and "homework" to help you reach your goals. He also let's you record, so you have just that to listen back on. I recommend putting your phone on airplane mode and using voice memo app on your phone to record your session. I chose the one hour session and it was wonderful and for voice memo it doesn't take up much space on your phone. Per has a few time frame/price point options so you can see what you feel comfortable doing. Learn more here.



In my reading I focused and was open to any advice on my family, my career and connecting with my loved ones who passed on. When I say career I really meditated on "Am I on the the right path with the choices I am making, am I wasting time on this project or that project" I'm in a place right now where I have my acting career and then I have the production side that I'm invested in my industry. It was really intense to learn about how the connection I have made in the passed several years are coming into their purpose now. He touched on things that were not public yet and things that would happen in the future, and two months later, I'm see some of the projects he described coming to fruition. However the first thing to pop up was my brother in law. He came through, he described him, the time he passed, the way he dressed and the way he will be looking out for me in my career but also my husband and I's family. When it comes to personal things I asked about within my family he was spot on and gave me a lot of comfort in my doubts and pointed out all the things I've been thinking about. We spoke about how to get in alignment with my dreams, how these last couple years aside from the given chaos in the world, how as much as I'm trying my best to stay on top of my manifesting routines and believe in the magic. I'm not connecting as quickly as I used too. I spent the top of summer working on that and finally was getting that energy back, gardening mixed with fitness actually opened that back for me in the late spring. About twenty minutes or so career and personal life and my brother in law touched base, he then asked me if I had any questions, I went straight for the rest of my passed on relatives. My cousin came through, my grandparents, my talent manager all came through and then some. Per was telling me just how much there were trying to say a few words in the reading. It was hilarious and heartwarming. He brought up their names, described their characteristics, experiences they went through, the messages they had for not only me but saying hello to their children and grandchildren as well. It was a family reunion. It's exactly what I hoped for. There were things he said that only I or family would know and connect too. I told Per that I have never felt alone, that I do know when there are spirits with me, but not hundred percent sure of who it is. Simply he said, because they all are there at that moment guiding and protecting. I do believe that, he says when you need someone specific to call their name out and it's true you can feel the specific energy they once had when they were living.

I loved this reading so much and it has given me peace. I think that has been the most important part, peace. Sure I want to do this reading every single day so I can have a conversation with my late relatives, but I truly believe these readings are needed when you feel called to it. For me it was time, and I do plan on having a reading with Per in the future but will give it some time to explore the findings I was given in July. So far, things have been revealing itself and manifesting . There's this focus that personally excites me, a tad overwhelming but much needed. I think if you are someone who seeks peace and have a particular person(s) you know you are ready to connect with for a little wise guidance (aka ancestors) this reading is for you.

The end of the year for me is a beautiful time where one may invoke their spiritual side a bit more. Maybe it's because Halloween, All Souls Day or the holiday season in general have us thinking about those who have passed on or simply you get into a more gratitude like state where you review the year you've had... it's just the perfect time to experience this. I share with you the gift of Per, because this is someone and something that should be shared with anyone who's be trying to find with these gifts. I couldn't keep this to myself and if I at least make one person happy from sharing this contact, then I'm happy...

Dear Per, thank you. Grateful for your gifts and the comfort it has brought me.


Hope you all have a great Autumn ahead, for more ways to explore connecting to your intentions and manifesting visit our " Spiritual Basics" section of our blog: CLICK HERE.


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