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#FRIGHTFEMMES 2022 | Vol. lV

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any link, I may receive a potential commission at no extra cost to you.

"I put a spell on you and now you’re mine." —Winifred Sanderson

Volume 4 of #FriGHTFREMMES starts now!!! This week the ladies and I are stepping back in time to the elegant era of the 40's. The theme is MURDER MYSTERY and thought this could be a fun group costume big or small. I guess you can say us ladies are prepping for a future MURDER MYSTERY DINNER PARTY.

THE BACK STORY: Unbeknownst to them, this was a dangerous time for a particular family of wealth. From upstate New York, we take you to a scene of the wake of the heiress's father in their family estate. As she stepped away, to console herself over condolence letters, she sealed her fate when one letter was opened too late...



If you are just joining us get familiar with this collab and see ALL THINGS the make-up and cosplay (65 plus makeup looks, Halloween costumes, props & more) of the #frightfemmes years passed CLICK HERE.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, allow me to introduce you to the my beautiful friends and collaboration partners of #frightfemmes ...




Ruthmarie aka @the.vintage.raven | Vintage Enthusiast - Sewist - Vlogger- Capricorn

Story Continued...

The Murderess, the lover of opulence who's motto is " More is More" has struck gold with the recent passing of her husband, or has she? Seems she has to tie up loose ends with her dear stepdaughter in order to inherit what she "deserves".

Visit Ruthmarie's blogpost , The Vintage Raven, to see how she curated her wardrobe and stunning classic red lip look.

| Follow Ruthmarie's magic via her instagram: @the.vintage.raven , blog: The Vintage Raven, youtube: The Vintage Raven , shoppes: @preciselyplanners + RM Sewing Emporium , Spotify Halloween Playlist |


Laura at @LauraJadePrado |Illustration Artist - Designer - Blogger - Sagittarius

Story Continued...

The Detective, a friend of the heiress, is in agony to get her letter to be reached in time to warn the family. She found the missing link to connect all the murders done by the murderess, but will it make it in time? Let's just say even in death, this tortured soul cannot rest knowing there are unsolved murders left. The HAUNT continues.

Visit Laura's #fightfemmes blogpost CLICK HERE. to see how she not only came up with her detective look but created the most cinematic scene yet for this week's look. Be sure to check out her reel edit to truly immerse yourselves in this story.

| Follow Laura's magic via her instagram: @theweekendgypsy , blog: , shoppes: @TWG Designs + TWG Designs Site + The Weekend Gems , youtube: LauraJadePrado |


& myself, Caro aka @caropozo @blonde2brunette | Actor - Blogger - Creative - Virgo

| you can follow my trail of magic via instagram: @caropozo , lifestyle blog: @blonde2brunette + blonde2brunette , shoppe: @thesugarcottage_ + The Sugar Cottage , and youtube: blonde2brunette |


The end of our story...

Even in mourning, she can't turn down an Appletini, and the soothing way it calms her nerves. Consumed by her father's death and blinded by her Stepmother's comfort and charm, she did not see the comings of her untimely death. You'd think or hope the story of her childhood favorite " Snow White" would keep her on her she read the letter from her dear friend, The Detective, the poisoned Appletini was tasted. Alas, she fell the next victim of the clever Murderess...



For all your project organization needs, I have fun with my "Living Life Planner" created by Laura from her TWG Designs shoppe, CLICK HERE. For figuring out how to plan your makeup layout or cosplay from scratch, I use RMSewing Emporium planner sheets designed by Ruthmarie, CLICK HERE.



Find ALL or SIMILAR Materials in our #frightfemmes Halloween section of our AMAZON SHOP


My husband and I are fans of Agatha Christie and absolutely love the era the Poirot Murder Mysteries take place in. So I wanted to keep with the elegance of the series and somehow led to being poisoned. A painful death, but one that still leaves it victims intact and little evidence. However this victim is seen maybe hours later and the warmth of her skin is gone and her once red lips are mixed with blue undertones of death...


Highlight & Contour: I used my highlight concealer as my base for paleness and my cool toned contour stick from nyx to hollow out my main areas.

Shadow Palate - Besame Cosmetics has gorgeous and classic matte shades and I brought back my Marilyn Monroe Palate to place on top of my contour with the brown and grey shades it offers.

Cat Eye and Half Lashes - Your favorite liner to make a subtle wing, and tips from your favorite style of faux lashes, I prefer Whispies from Ardell.

Brown Lip - Dose of Colours liquid lipstick in BRICK, then topped with their metalic lipstick from NYX

Faux Vaining: To keep a soft look on the vaining, I use eyeshadow in tones of purple, green, blue and yellow from NYX.

Hair - If you have long hair like me, I did a side low sock bun, with subtle victory rolls, if I were going to a party with this look, I would make them extra large for more drama. If you hair is short, go for victory rolls and curl your hair to then brush them out with a soft brush.


  • Funeral Outift - Vintage inspired top & skirt or dress. Dive into your closet, you may just have something, if not check out this affordable Amazon Find of a vintage LBD.

  • Pearl or Diamond Earrings- Stick to studs, just incase you may want show off a different style of murder (neck slit, stabbing, etc.) .

  • Optional Fascinator - If you feel your outift needs something extra, I say pair it with a period style hat.

  • Optional Gloves - Add more drama to the 'fit.


Whatever your costume is this season, know that you have options. You don't have to be any character or creature in particular. Just have fun wearing something you don't necessarily get to wear - EXPRESS YOURSELF! Hope you'll join in the collab and tag us with your latest look! Happy FRIGHTFEMMES FRIDAY!

Happy Hauntings,

Don't forget to pin this for later as you this year's Halloween costume! #frightfemmes #frightfemmes21 #halloweenmua #halloweenmakeup #diyhalloweencostume

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