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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

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Wow, another week, another look by my ladies and I. It's officially the halfway point for our looks and I can't believe it. Click here for Vol.1 and Vol.2. This week is a fun opportunity to attempt a favorite: ZOMBIE!!! Laura and I have gotten the chance to do zombies before in this series and I'm so happy that we've brought back a staple anyone should have in their costume rep!

“Wench! Trollop! You bucktoothed, mop-riding firefly from hell!”

We all chose something new and this time I thought about bringing in some prosthetics for those that enjoy doing so or are ready to try something new! We brought you three takes on a zombie, one is beautiful and wholesome, another is sexy and gruesome and the last is rotting and I personally find funny!

Before we reveal the looks below, feel free to learn more about the #frightfemmes series HERE , make-up and cosplay (50 plus makeup looks, halloween DIY costumes ideas, props & more) of the years passed CLICK HERE.


Pinup Zombie

By Ruthmarie aka @the.vintage.raven | Vintage Enthusiast - Sewist - Vlogger- Capricorn

Beautiful and Wholesome! How on earth could a vintage pinup zombie eat brains? She's too sweet and I want to be her friend! Learn more about how Ruthmarie’s detailed step-by-step of her pinup zombie, the materials & accesories used via her youtube vlog CLICK HERE:

| Follow Ruthmarie's magic via her instagram: @the.vintage.raven , youtube: The Vintage Raven , shoppes: @preciselyplanners + RM Sewing Emporium , Spotify Halloween Playlist |


Pirate Zombie

By Laura aka @theweekendgypsy |Illustration Artist - Designer - Blogger - Sagittarius

See what I mean about Sexy and Gruesome?! Just enough rotting action but still showing off a sexy side. Clearly Laura has vacationed on the Black Pearl! Learn more about the details she used here, VISIT BLOGPOST HERE.

| Follow Laura's magic via her instagram: @theweekendgypsy , blog: The Weekend Gypsy , shoppes: @TWG Designs + TWG Designs Site + The Weekend Gems , youtube: The Weekend Gypsy |


Billy Butcherson Zombie

By me, Caro aka @caropozo @blonde2brunette | Actor - Blogger - Creative - Virgo

Notes, tips & buys on this look below:

| you can follow my trail of magic via instagram: @caropozo , lifestyle blog: @blonde2brunette + blonde2brunette , shoppe: @thesugarcottage_ + The Sugar Cottage , and youtube: blonde2brunette |


Well I am willing to fight anyone on this but the number one Halloween movie of all time is HOCUS POCUS!!! Seriously how does this film NOT get you in the mood for Halloween? One character that I've always wanted to attempt to do is Billy Butcherson! He really is the true MVP and a while back I had purchases these vampire prosthetic pieces to spirit gum to my face. The piece gives the illusion of hollowed eyes and such. The same way you would attempt to paint your face as a skeleton you can do so without prosthetic, but since I had the pieces, I decided to use. I linked below a similar one from a site that sell all types. The key to this is getting your natural skin and the foam to match in color and seal edges. If you've never used liquid latex and tissue paper or cotton together, it's a great way to seal edges. It's also great to build up on the cheeks and chin. Here's a tutorial from on of my favorite youtubers to get an idea: CLICK HERE.

Once all my pieces and bits are dry, I love to dig into my zombie wheel by Ben Nye. The colors for all things dead comes from that kit. The tones are spot on and make sense when doing detailed lines in the correct rotting tone. Aside from blending and layering up to match the tone of my face with the foam (remember the foam is almost white so you have to slowly build), I also used brown and black eye shadows to get extra shading in. There's this one color in the wheel that is an eggplant color and once all my shading is done, I thinly line certain "sunken in" areas. Lastly with the string of the gauze from my Halloween decor, I used my liquid latex and tissue paper to stick on the string around my mouth.

For my costume I wore charcoal jeans with an old sweater that has a pirate vibe going on, so I say find a jacket from a shop that has pirate pieces like Spirit Halloween. Then around my neck I created a scarf using cheese cloth and the Halloween decor gauze for my sleeves. Lastly to look old and dusty I sprayed dry shampoo all over me. lol My favorite forever is Batiste!

I put the majority of the materials in our HALLOWEEN AMAZON FAVS section as well as the breakdown below:

Amazon Order| Billy Wig (Find Similar) - CLICK HERE

Ben Nye Zombie Wheel - CLICK HERE

Liquid Latex - CLICK HERE

Halloween Gauze - CLICK HERE

Other buys|

Latex/Foam prosthetics | FIND SIMILAR HERE

If you want an exact replica of the costume CLICK HERE


That concludes round three of our looks, that means 9 fresh looks to choose from and still 6 to go! If any of these looks inspire you, tag us or use the hashtag #frightfemmes !!! We can’t wait to share it.

Happy Hauntings,

Don't forget to pin this for later, so much inspo for this year's Halloween costume! #frightfemmes #frightfemmes21 #halloweenmua #halloweenmakeup #diyhalloweencostume



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