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Astrology Report (New Moon)

A year ago, I had the pleasure of meeting this wonderful soul on a work project, Reno Reeves. I later come to find that he had an amazing gift of a higher power, and is an incredible astrologist. So amazing that when I had my chart done by him, he said some remarkable things, that have AND continue to manifest. So I've asked him if it was alright if I could share his knowledge on the blog every so often. He does have a tight schedule working in the film industry, so anything that he has time for is a BLESSING for us! So below enjoy what this month's "NEW MOON in LEO" has to say for all of us (not solely on the sign Leo! Also, Miami or anyone, if you need your charts or cards thrown, Reno is for you (contact info below).

8-2-16 NEW MOON IN LEO. Ten Degrees, FiftySeven minutes.

Good Afternoon! As of today, at 4:44 PM EST, we are under the influence of a new moon in leo, the fifth sign in the zodiac wheel. A new moon occurs when both the sun and moon connect within the same sign, forming a conjunction (a zero degree angle) to one another.The moon represents the emotions, the soul, how we seek and provide comfort, instincts, emotional needs and habits, conditioned/immediate emotional response, subconscious predisposition, psychic pretense, the feminine principle. The sun rules our ego, essence, vitality, the present, identity, our soul purpose, creative self-expression, the masculine principle.A new moon symbolizes new beginnings, new cycles, fresh starts - most auspicious moments in time to set goals, prioritize and plant seeds of pure intention.

This astrological configuration casts new seeds of opportunity where our individual creative expression is concerned - our sense of pride, our loyalties, our relationships with our talents, artistic abilities and aesthetic inclinations, our power to lead skillfully and responsibly, our capacities for joy, pleasure, appreciation in and of each moment. We are carefully redefining our performance, our sense of adventure, our spontaneity.

The sign of leo represents the heart, leo is the sign of life, light, warmth, creativity, luxury, joy, pleasure, fun, entertainment, recreation, games, gambling.Instinctively illustrative, leo, a fixed (stabilization of), fire (identity) sign, represents individual, personal creative expression.Leo, royalty of the zodiac, is courageous, willful, driven, determined. leo also represents children, and the inner child within. Leo breathes life into all that it encounters: it is kind, warm, generous, charismatic, exhilarating. It is the unique, intrinsic creative prowess within us all. In lower vibrations, leo requires a figurative or literal spotlight to appease an often childlike need for attention and praise. Boastful and bombastic, un-evolved leo energy is adept at reaching the peaks of pomposity and self-aggrandizement.

In higher vibrations, leo operates as a source of boundless, brilliant illumination for the world to thrive upon, loving, open-hearted - the perpetuation of joy, pleasure, buoyancy. at best, leo is 'joie de vivre'.Venus, planet of love, beauty, pleasure, finances, value systems, equality, mutuality, relationships, is in luminous leo. in leo, venus' expression of love is rich, vivid, colorful, constant. Venus in leo conveys affection through characterization of emotion; creativity, performance, theatricality. Passionate, spontaneous, and employing vast reserves of ardency, venus in leo prefers a polished platform on which she can comfortably channel and conduct her passion. In leo, venus’ is camera ready - outward demonstration of desire is paramount, and she is poised to perform, proud to portray - affection is action.

While voluptuous venus travels through luxurious leo, love is in the air: extravagant expressions of amour, adoration, romance. armed with gilded, glittering hearts, brilliant, bejeweled bows and arrows ablaze, romance is refined, radiant, opulent. in lower vibrations, venus in leo can sacrifice her creative charms to excessive ego, persistent pride and perceiving the needs of the self as superior above all else. operate mindfully, with sensitivity in each moment, measuring the volume of our voice(s) in order to prevent dramatic displays is integral.

Mercury, planet of communications, logicality, connections, mental faculty, is transiting virgo, the sign of clarity, analysis, facts, editing, work, health, service. mercury naturally rules the sign of virgo, and bestows precision in perception to carefully catalogue details.

Virgo represents the power of discernment. In practical, productive virgo, there may be a prudent, mindful influence in our thought patterns of late. speech and script, as well as all forms of communication, are complimented by sensibility and simplicity at this time. There is discrimination in how we transmit our thoughts, how we initiate, develop, share and market our ideas. In virgo, the thought process can be purging, purifying, almost hygienic. This sign values order and cleanliness above all else, editing, fine-tuning, correcting, perfecting. In lower frequencies, virgo energy is prone to over analysis, overthinking, negative, nit-picky critique and perfectionistic pessimism.

Saturn, planet of self-discipline, responsibility, karma, consequence, limitation, authority, is angled most auspiciously, forming a trine (a one hundred and twenty degree angle of harmonious, constructive, effortless influence), to the luminaries (both sun & moon) in leo. Saturn is in the sign of sagittarius. Sagittarius represents perception, philosophy, higher thinking, expansion of consciousness, faith, beliefs, law. Saturn in sagittarius requires our acknowledgement and accountability of the spiritual quality (or qualities) of our perspectives, philosophies, our visions, our ideals, what we believe, and how these perceptions manifest externally. sagittarius values honesty, wisdom, and justice. saturn values hard work, calculated effort and perseverance.

Spiritually speaking, sagittarius values sacred truth, and saturn values value itself. At this time, lessons and opportunities for structure and stability present themselves in objective, open-minded perception and philosophy, conscious congruent alignment of spiritual and ethical/moral values, and honoring “the bigger picture” by integrating ideas, information and intelligence to retrieve and extract invaluable wisdom and philosophical treasures. The sun and moon in leo in pleasant, harmonious rapport with saturn suggests the solidification or structuring of our goals, ambitions and creative pursuits are supported by the integrity and durability of our convictions. Are you walking your walk? Talking your talk? Now is a time of boundless potential, look within, connect to your highest vision of beauty and take the necessary steps to introduce your dreams to reality.

In leo, we can treat life as a constant canvas with an infinite reservoir of dazzling mediums at our fingertips. How do you choose to express yourself? What is your true passion and how do you channel it? The limit(s), of course, lie between you and your imagination.

If you are interested in a more unique perspective, are seeking spiritual fortification, assistance in illuminating your evolutionary path or have metaphysical inquiry. I read the charts & throw the cards, please feel free to contact me through txt msg: 305•834•6988

Due to my schedule, i've kept this composition quite brief and the aspects discussed are just a small portion of heavenly activity at the time of this new moon. Again, for more information, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you again for your time! HAPPY MANIFESTING :)

xo. Reno.


P.S. Check back later today for Reno's full QnA bio on B2B!!! Hope you enjoyed this "Astrology Report" <3 <3 <3


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