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Coffee Table Styling

One of my absolute favorite trends for home decorating is currently styling accent tables. Yea, you heard right! Styling coffee tables, console tables, dining tables… I think you get the picture. This might sound a little strange but once you get the hang of styling tables, you’ll understand that there is a certain method that designers use when decorating a home and it all has to do with balance.

Balance plays an important role when decorating because you play with so many elements that come together as one visual. I’m not going to get into too much detail, so i’d rather share my go-to, never-fail way of styling up a coffee table, ottoman or accent table, such as console or bar.

I have outlined a few staples that make up a decorated table, you can basically use this formula for any type of table you’d like to style, which is why this method is so Universal!

What you’ll need:

1 Fabulous tray I’m overly obsessed with woven texture for the moment

Vase filled with lush flowers (Love Hydrangeas) or a simplistic orchid plant

Stack of books (or magazines) I love to collectfashion and design books

Candle Holders (Clear Hurricanes work really nice here)

A few small trinkets (TJMaxx Homegoods is where it’s at for these items)

Here’s an example from one of our favorite lifestyle blogs TheEveryGirl

images: Tray via// Hurricanes via// Wood ball sphere via //Chanel Book via// Orchid via

Putting it together is simple, and the best part about all of this is that it can be changed as many times as you’d like! Start by placing the tray on one end of your coffee table (or even in the center), next place you floral arrangement inside the tray offsetting it to one side. You can place your books on the opposite corner of your coffee table with the candles placed on top (always go with a tall candle holder and short because you want the height difference). You can also place some smaller books stacked in the middle creating little towers with trinkets on top. Choose somewhat small objects (think approximately like the size of an open palm). That’s it!

I think you get the picture! Most importantly, make it your own and have fun with it!

You won’t regret it.

xoxo, Kelly


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