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"Art is the only way to run away without leaving home." - T.T.  

Welcome to our lifestlye blog, our little creative space in the hopes we inspire you. We believe happiness starts at home and on b2b we've categorized each post to it's corresponding "room". Sharing our skills and resources in home decor for every season, product hauls & reviews, health & wellness, quick 'n delish recipe's, easy DIY projects for all occasions and our favorite holiday traditions. We hope you'll join us and celebrate with us.


Cheers, from our home to yours!

xoxo Sylv & Caro


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November 27, 2021

November 27, 2021

CHRISTMAS MANTEL DECOR🎄 What I used: • @traderjoes cedar pine garland • @target glass trees • @target mini flocked trees • @target dewdrop string lights • @target block houses (last season) • @michaels Christmas print sign (last season). Recreate one on @canva • @michaelsstores felt & pom-pom garland • @hearthandhandmagnolia knit stockings • @victoriantradingco floating candles, repurposed for the faux fireplace. • birch wood sticks from any craft shop. •Key Tips• •Command hooks are your best friend! You’re going to need them if you plan on working with some type of garland (pine or string decor garland). It will save you from fighting any natural curves from wired garlands and slippery cloth garlands. • Lighting, create some magic with wired lights with timers so you forget about it and come home to your set up lit every time. • The bigger pieced items stick to solid colors and save the printed items for accent pieces. Ex) I have my stocking and the worded sign as my “print”. This allows you to build a lush mantle without it overwhelming your decor/room. I’d you have a printed garland, do the inverse and let one large piece do the talking. •Save room for candles. I don’t have real candles displayed on my mantle, but plan to. I’m saving them for gatherings to light this December. I’ll usually pick up votives from @michaelsstores or @dollartree • Hope this Mantel Step-By-Step makes decorating a little less daunting and gets the creative juices flowing ❤️ xo, Caro ••• #blonde2brunette #blonde2brunetteholidays #easychristmasmantel #christmasmantel #christmasdecor #christmasdecorreel #christmasreel #diychristmasdecor #diychristmasdecorreel
GARDEN W/ BLONDE2BRUNETTE | intro & tour zone10b

GARDEN W/ BLONDE2BRUNETTE | intro & tour zone10b

Welcome to our first vlog on gardening. We've already begun our day to day vlogging via our instagram (highlight click and ) but it's time for some in depth videos and tutorials on growing different crops according to season and maybe some fun holiday related recipes based on the harvest (you know we love our holiday gatherings) . We live in Miami, Fl Zone 10b so we are lucky for little to no frost temps, however we deal with lots of pests and temperamental weather. Especially right now in South Florida. Which I personally think is a great time to plan your future garden, or start over if you've had some issues in the past. I totally went in with some planning and research, but also more trial and error than anything. The reason for that was seeing if this was something I truly wanted to commit to, but right away I did. I took my time though. After a major failed attempt a few years back (before I was living with my husband), I told myself that I need to start with only herbs, then some rooted spices followed by small potted veg and fruit and then tend to garden beds. Here's our blogpost from early spring with some helpful tips on the blog of what has been working in our garden thus far (zone10b): I'm so happy I paced myself because it gave me the time to really get my potted herbs and spices settled and understand their schedules. Fast forward the past two years and we've got a beautiful garden. It's thriving, there's still mishaps from time to time but for the most part she is a beaut and I'm damn proud. This is only the tour and intro vlog, but please visit our blog post for more in depth detail on each garden bed sections, links, recommendations and helpful tips to all of our helping fertilizers, products, seeds, soil and plants! CLICK HERE: We cant wait to share with you more plant fun in our garden series. I'm currently and most likely will always be obsessed with Sunflowers, as they are the sweetest and resilient flowers I've ever grown! They also bring a huge smile to your face anytime you see them! You can catch a more in depth vlog and post on how to grow from sprout to harvest real soon. They are truly worth having in the garden to promote pollination and attract pests away from your crops too! So many things I've learned along the way and I hope you'll follow along, get inspired and then we can compare each other's notes. We often update our garden section in our Amazon Fav's shop, check it out here: Whether you are a pro or beginner gardener and love to also share tips, please comment below or DM on instagram ( ) or email us! Can't wait to meet you! xo, Caro, from blonde2brunette -|- BLONDE2BRUNETTE -|- BLOG:​ INSTAGRAM:​ AMAZON FAVS: FACEBOOK:​ YOUTUBE:​ PINTEREST: ---- Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links. If you make a purchase using any of our links provided, We may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. We only share what we genuinely love and use ourselves, so happy shopping.
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