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I know summer doesn't officially start until the 20th of June, but the temperatures are rising significantly here in South Florida. So SUMMER IT IS!

A lot of our "Top May" items will be of good use for the summer months ahead. I'm all about finding a few staple items to wear that will keep me feeling cool and I also lesson the amount of make-up (not that we've been wearing much this passed year anyway) and stick to SPF, cream based make-up and all the things to hydrate and keep clean skin!

I do plan on doing a SUMMER GLOW post that is basically an easy application of make-up and hair-care to prevent damage of all the free radicals in the hair to your skin & hair!

Enjoy this past month's staples!

Disclaimer: This post may include affiliate links. If you make a purchase using any of our links provided, We may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. We only share what we genuinely love and use ourselves, so happy shopping.


1| Ribbed Tank by A NEW DAYxTARGET | I bought this tank in black and white and plan to get a few more. They are only $8, are fitted, thick enough to be a nice material without being too hot or see through! I have paired these dressed up and down with shorts,skirts and denim. I really love the cut it's extremely versatile! PURCHASE HERE

2|Textured Stripe Underwire Bikini by XHILARATIONxTARGET | My small chested self hasn't always loved an underwire bikini top because there's a fine line of it either looking like a bra or looking like a 50's vintage cut. This one, to me, gave me vintage feels and boobs! lol Seriously I've never filled out anything underwire till this bikini top. The bottoms are great too because they actually are leaning towards the cheeky side and are sexy! Usually I have to go to more exclusive brands for the flattering bottoms but this suit is a 10/10! It fits great, is a low price point and can be considered vintage vibes or patriotic vibes depending how you look at it with it's red, white and blue stripes. They also have this same cut in solid white and black. I'm sure there are other print available too! PURCHASE HERE

3| Bright Idea Stick by NYX PRO | The professional line from NYX Cosmetics makes these beautiful stick blushes that have highlight and glowing power to them. I personally love the "Coralicious" & "Rose Petal" tone. Since they are cream, they are the absolute best for humidity! The hotter you get the better the make-up melts in your skin. That mind sound a little iffy, but if you stick to lightweight cream based make-up in the heat, it wont look cakey and you'll have a great dewy complexion! You can find these stick at NYX Pro Stores, Ulta, Target, CVS, Amazon and just about any spot that carries NYX. PURCHASE HERE

4| Ayana Off the Shoulder Top by OAK | If you need linen, cotton, earthy euro vibes for your summer wardrobe. This top and many pieces of apparel are waiting for from Oak!!! Seriously, this is just one of many items I've added to my wardrobe for this summer. The best part is, it's a classic style that I can carry into fall for a major boho vibe (y'all know I'm always thinking about fall!). If you also are looking to update your wardrobe while supporting small, this is the shop for you! They ship worldwide and are women owned! Support your Oak Gals! PURCHASE HERE. Check out what's new in the shop HERE.

5| MAMMOTH SUNFLOWERS | Yes I had to fit one garden thing in here due to the lush season ahead. At the top of March, I picked up a few packets of sunflower seeds from Home Depot and I wanted to see if I was capable of growing sunflowers. Welp, turns out these things are the easiest flowers to grow and I urge anyone wanting a pop of sunshine in their garden to do so! There are a ton of variety, but the on eI had been wanting to grow is the #mammothsunflower .They are known for their large face and even eating. One day watching garden youtube videos, a video was recommended and it was youtuber Emmymade eating her sunflower head ( WATCH HERE). I was in complete shock but extremely intrigued. The more water you give them, the thicker their stalks become and more opportunity for the head to be very large. They have been known to grow over 2 feet wide! The largest one I grew reached a foot! Now I'm doing another batch and something I will say I wish I had done was sow seeds once a month. Simply because once they bloom, that's it! So you have to resow as often as you can to get that continuous flow of flowers until winter. Lucky for Miami, we only have a couple of months where the weather could stunt growth. My second batch of seeds are mixed with seeds bought from Home Depot but also "Southern Dirt Gardener". SDG may not be in my zone, but she's in Florida. So I'm curious to see how her mammoth sunflower seeds do. Check out her channel to learn helpful tips if you are growing sunflowers, veggies and fruit. Especially if you are in Central Florida! CLICK HERE TO WATCH & PURCHASE SEEDS

If you are loving all things garden, stay tuned for a new set of videos on our youtube channel. If you haven't checked out our youtube channel, you can find inspo for DIY parties, Halloween Inspo and more! CLICK HERE


Happy Summer Fam! Stay cool, stay safe and wear some SPF!!!

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